Things to do, places to see and where to eat around Huskisson

There’s an abundance of things to see, do and experience around Sandholme Guesthouse – which is just a short walk to Huskisson, and a quick drive to Vincentia, Jervis Bay and other fantastic local attractions.

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Fleet Air Museum
HMAS Albatross hosts the Fleet Air Arm Museum, presenting over 25 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters
Nowra Hill
Nowra Hill, the highest point along BTU Road provides a panoramic view of Jervis Bay
Culburra Beach, a surf beach with Surf Club is the regional centre for the coastal villages east of Nowra.
Callala Bay
Callala Bay, Callala Beach and Myola are on the northern shores of Jervis Bay is accessable via Culburra Beach Rd.
Currambene Creek
Currambene Creek, part of the Jervis Bay Marine Park provides Huskisson a truly wondrous mini-harbour and wharf area
Myola, across the creek from Huskisson is a secluded village ideal for a total escape.
Currarong, located 33 Km east of Nowra is a coastal village situated on the northern end of the rocky Beecroft Peninsula.
Huskisson established in the 1860's was a prosperous fishing and shipbuilding village, now the gateway to Jervis Bay Marine Park. The village is named after William Huskisson, Colonial Secretary (1827 and 1829) in the Pitt government, unfortunately the first person to be run down by a train, Stephenson's Rocket
Long Beach
Long Beach, one of the beaches and feeding grounds for the 60+ pod of Dolphins that live in Jervis Bay
Drum & Drumstick
Drum and Drumsticks, a spectacular rock formation just off the Beecroft Peninsula is extremely significant to aboriginal peoples as a religious site.
Moona Moona Creek
Moona Moona Creek, divides Huskisson and Collingwood beaches and is a place of relaxation and enjoyment for families. Also applauded as one of the best "beach wedding" locations in Jervis Bay
Honeymoon Bay
Honeymoon Bay, is a picturesque inlet within Jervis Bay about 10 Km's from Currarong, the area offers basic camping and opportunities for swimming, snorkelling. And fishing
Beecroft Wall
Beecroft Peninsular consists of amazing sandstone cliffs, riddled with caves accessable during gentle seas
Vincentia, just across Moona Moona Creek from Huskisson, is a coastal village with two important features, a shopping centre and Vincentia Golf course.
Plantation Point
Plantation Point, is three places in one, a place to launch your catamaran, a rock shelf with amazing marine grasses and plants and a picnic area adjoining Nelsons Beach.
Boat Harbour
Boat Harbour, once the supply access for the Lighthouse but now a popular camping site
The Docks
The Docks, one of the spectacular diving sites within Jervis Bay
Beecroft Wall
Beecroft Peninsular are home to a wide variety of sea birds including the White-bellied Sea Eagle
Blenheim Beach
Blenheim Beach, without doubt the most popular for a beach wedding is secluded and protected with parking and picnic areas
Greenfields Beach
Greenfields Beach is part of Jervis Bay National Park and an ideal starting point for a walk to Hyams Beach, via the Scribbly Gum Track, Chinaman's Beach an on into the village.
Point Perpendicular Light House
Point Perpendicular Light House, built in 1899 stands 93 meters above sea level accessable by a dirt road from Currarong
Hyams Beach
first construction of Whalers cottages in 1926 and later renowned for the "whitest sands" in the world
HMAS Creswell
HMAS Creswell, opened in 1915 as a naval college for cadet midshipmen. In 1930 the site was leased as tourist accommodation returning to Navy control in 1958. Many of the buildings are heritage listed.
Bowen Island
Bowen Island, at one time leased as a pleasure resort, during WWII a gun emplacement, today is part of the Booderee National park and home to 5000 fairy penguins. These can be seen during a Cruise on Jervis Bay
Murrays Beach
Murrays Beach, was almost the site of a Nuclear Power Station, luckily the plan was scrapped by the Whitlam government. Today Murrays offers the best Boat Ramp in the Bay and a beach facing Bowen Island.
Hole in the Wall
Hole in the Wall, also within Booderee is so named for the one time stone arch with its center eroded to create a Hole. The arch has This place has been a camping location for generations.
Green Patch
Green Patch, is located with the Booderee National Park, the camping facilities are second to none and are surrounded by wildlife of many varieties.
Governor's Head
Governor's Head, is the southern promontory at the entrance to Jervis Bay. As with the cliffs of point Perpendicular they are a sheer face of 135 meters to sea level with a further 40 meters straight down.
Ruined Lighthouse at Cape St George
Ruined Lighthouse at Cape St George, is a spectacular vantage point from which to view the coastline and between June and November whales as they move north to give birth and later return to their home in the Antarctic.
Steamers Beach
Steamers Beach, on the walking trails within Booderee national Park, needs a little effort but the reward in beauty and seclusion of the beach is well worth the effort.
Caves Beach
Caves Beach, where the surf varies from good to GREAT, also a beautiful beach to simply stroll along
Behewerre Beach
Bherwerre Beach1, almost 10 Km in length and accessable from Caves Beach car park via Ryan's Swamp, this is an beautiful and untouched stretch of coastline.
Behewerre Beach
Bherwerre Beach, almost 10 Km in length and accessable from Caves Beach car park via Ryan's Swamp, this is an beautiful and untouched stretch of coastline.
Whiting Beach
Whiting Beach, also on the walking trails is a spot of peace and beauty
Booderee National Park
A major visitor destination, Booderee has stunning white beaches and offers a wide range of recreational activities, including walking trails, surfing, fishing, camping, boating, sailing, snorkelling and diving. Our large campsites provide opportunities for school groups and families to stay in the Park and experience our magnificent natural and cultural heritage.
Sussex Inlet
Sussex Inlet, at the southern end is the ocean access to St George's Basin which is so close to Jervis Bay and yet so different.
Cudmirrah Beach
Cudmirrah Beach, another place for surfers and open to the ocean waves, Cudmirrah also has its own surf club.
Erowal Bay
Erowal Bay, is one of the many beach hamlets dotted around St George's Basin, ideal starting point for a great days fishing on the basin
Sussex Inlet2
Sussex Inlet, at the northern end is the source of life to St Georges Basin and the means to flush and replenish this enclosed waterway.
Sanctuary Pt
Sanctuary Point, was much later to be settled than Huskisson on Jervis Bay. It was not until 1951 that any significant progress was made. During WWII No.107 Squadron of flying Kingfisher floatplanes, was based at the town of St Georges Basin, just west of Sanctuary Point. The squadron had the job of providing anti-submarine patrols over the coastal waters of South-East Australia. The flying boat ramp is still in use at the end of Island Point Road off The Wool Road.
St Georges Basin
St Georges Basin, is a significant coastal lake with a large shallow basin connected to the ocean by a narrow channel at the village of Sussex Inlet. Sanctuary Point and St Georges Basin are located on the northern shore of the lake while Booderee National Park borders the basin on its eastern edge.
Jervis Bay
Two rock platforms at Tapalla Pt near Huskisson form an important, geological, scientific and educational site as they contain Glendonites (polycrystaline aggregates) and fossils. Nearby at Moona Moona creek entrance an interesting rock platform pattern can be seen. Tessellated pavement is well represented here (mysterious parallel lining running north-south and east-west). Other extensive rock platforms exist at Plantation Pt. These contain a great range of habitats and life diversity resulting from close proximity to sand and surf beaches, especially the platforms that have a northerly aspect with calmer waters.